RR12: Data processing to optimize the fabrication of MOFs and zeolites sensor arrays

Project Title: Data processing to optimize the fabrication of MOFs and zeolites sensor arrays (WP1)

Host Institution: University of Barcelona

Country: Spain

Supervisors: Prof. A. Gutierrez-Galvez (University of Barcelona); Secondary Supervisors: Prof. R. Ameloot (KUL), Dr. M. Van Poppel (VITO)


  • Evaluating the different materials to be combined in a sensor array.
  • Guiding the calibration of fabricated sensors by designing a set of experiments considering target gases as well as interfering compounds.
  • Building calibration models for the final sensors and arrays of the project.
  • Building data processing methods to improve the stability of the sensors response over time by counteracting sensor drift.

Short Description of Work & Expected Results:

  • The selection of materials for sensor arrays will be performed via statistical and information theoretic methods that measure the complementarity of the array response to the target VOCs. A set of experiments will be designed to obtain a comprehensive response of the sensors and sensor arrays to combinations of target and common interfering gases at different mixtures.

Planned secondment(s):

  • Host: KUL, Prof. R. Ameloot, Timing: year 3, Length: 6 months, Topic: MOF synthesis and sensor testing.
  • Host: VITO, Dr. M. Van Poppel, Timing: year 3, Length: 2 months, Topic: Analysis of environmental sensing data with real-world settings

Enrolment in Doctoral degree(s): BARC & KUL

Candidate requirements: 

  • We are looking for a highly motivated physicist/engineer with a master in data science and a good background in instrumentation.
  • The candidate should have very good programming skills and proven experience in Python, R, or MATLAB.
  • Proficient levels of spoken and written English are required
  • Good group working skills are also needed for this position

Recruited researcher: Laura Ramió