Rob Ameloot
Project Coordinator, Supervisor RR10
Associate Professor, KU Leuven
PostDoc, University of California, Berkeley
PhD, Bioscience Engineering (Materials science / Chemistry)
MS, Bioscience engineering (major Chemistry; minor Nanotechnology)

About Rob

Rob Ameloot leads a materials chemistry group that thrives on crossing traditional subject boundaries. As part of the KU Leuven ​Centre for Membrane Separations, Adsorption, Catalysis, and Spectroscopy for Sustainable Solutions and the Department of Microbial and Molecular Systems, the group studies different flavors of porous matter. Their research is focused on enabling applications based on these materials through a fundamental understanding of their formation processes and properties. In doing so, the group aims to build bridges between the established use of porous materials, as adsorbents and catalysts, and the worlds of microelectronics, diagnostics, and additive manufacturing.