RR6: Targeted characterization and adsorption properties of MOF and zeolitic adsorbents for gas sensing

Project Title: Targeted characterization and adsorption properties of MOF and zeolitic adsorbents for gas sensing (WP3)

Host Institution: FAU

Country: Germany

Supervisors: Prof. M. Thommes (FAU); Secondary Supervisors: Prof. S. Mintova (CNRS-Caen), Dr. Michelle Mercer (Hiden)


  • Develop novel, application-directed characterization methodologies for surface and pore structure characterization of MOFs and zeolites
  • Systematic, experimental assessment of adsorption behaviour of VOCs of interest and water in MOFs and zeolites. Adsorption studies will be conducted with dedicated static and dynamic methods.
  • Assessing structure-property relationships. Correlating surface and pore structure with adsorption behaviour of VOCs and water.

Short Description of Work & Expected Results:

  • Advanced adsorption-based characterization for the behaviour of the selected VOCs will be developed. The methodology will be based on combining the adsorption behaviour of vapours (which are sensitive to both pore surface functionality and pore structure) at various temperatures with adsorption of inert gases (e.g., argon) to only assess textural properties, combined with statistical mechanics (e.g., mean field DFT) for data analysis.

Planned secondment(s):

  • Host: CNRS-Caen, Prof. S. Mintova, Timing: year 2, Length 6 months, Topic: Synthesis of porous materials synthesis (nanozeolites).
  • Host: Hiden, Dr. Michelle Mercer, Timing: year 2, Length 2-3 months, Topic: Training in high-resolution gravimetric adsorption measurements.

Enrolment in Doctoral degree(s): FAU & Univ. Caen

Candidate requirements:

  • It is expected that the successful candidate has a master degree in chemical engineering, chemistry, materials science or a related field
  • Excellent  knowledge in physical chemistry is expected
  • The successful candidate has excellent communication skills and a strong motivation to collaborate with other researchers within the  SENNET  consortium
  • Excellent oral and written English language skills are mandatory.

Recruited researcher: Iago Maye